Reciprocating Screw Extrusion Blow Molding

Automatic Polymer Filtration with no interruption in the blow molding process!

Recip Screw Extrusion Blow Mldg The AutoScreen™ MAX

Finally, a melt filtration system developed specifically for reciprocating screw blow molding machines!
Now you can process regrind and post consumer regrind (PCR) materials for middle layer and other applications.
The AutoScreen™ MAX (patents pending) has solved the numerous obstacles associated with filtering the melt of reciprocating extrusion blow molding machines.

Features of the AutoScreen™ MAX

  • Designed for high pressure, high throughput, reciprocating screw blow molding applications.
  • Completely automatic melt filtration with no operator requirements.
  • Compact size for straight forward installation with no hydraulics or pneumatics required.
  • Solid one piece construction – Clean operating with no leaks possible.
  • No breaker plates or screen packs to clean or replace – No need to climb on your machines.
  • During a screen change, there is no change in your process.
  • Screen change by pressure Δ is a unique feature of AutoScreen™. You set the optimal pressure differential between the inlet and outlet sides of the AutoScreen™. Once set, the pressure Δ is maintained. This feature allows you to select and maintain the optimum processing pressure. It remains stable when you have variations in material bulk densities or contaminate levels. This is ideal when processing regrind materials for a middle layer.
  • The AutoScreen™ MAX controls can be seamlessly integrated into your machine’s controller or you can use AutoScreen’s™ compact, programmable PLC controller with Extrusion Pressure Control (EPC).

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