• AutoScreen™

    Automatic Uninterrupted Continuous Polymer Filtration

    The AutoScreen is a compact, self-contained screenchanger that eliminates the need for hydraulics, screen packs, breaker plate cleaning or replacement. With no electric motors or hydraulics, the only moving part in the AutoScreen is the filter itself. Its one piece design is 100% leak proof and eliminates bolts to tighten.

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Melt Filtration Products produces the AutoScreen™ line of automatic screen changers designed for continuous, uninterrupted filtering of polymers in the extrusion, reciprocating screw blow molding and extrusion blow molding industries.


AutoScreen™ is a global product with thousands in use around the world on six of the seven continents! 


AutoScreens are made in the U.S.A.



AutoScreen™ automatic screen changers are used in a wide variety of plastic extrusion applications – pipe, tubing, sheet, film, profile, pelletizing, cast lines, fiber and filaments.

The AutoScreen™ MAX , patents pending, has solved the numerous obstacles associated with filtering the melt of reciprocating extrusion blow molding machines.

The AutoScreen™ is the number one polymer filtering screen changer used in the extrusion blow molding industry.