Extrusion Applications

Automatic Screen change with no interruption in the extrusion process!

Extrusion ApplicationAutoScreen™ automatic screenchangers are used in a wide variety of plastic extrusion applications: pipe, tubing, sheet, film, profile, pelletizing, cast lines, fiber and filaments.
AutoScreen™ is designed to efficiently filter moderate to light levels of impurities, and are well suited for filtering 100% reprocessed materials that typically process at higher melt pressures.

During screen changes, AutoScreens™ entrap zero air, so they are ideal for foam extrusion applications.

Benefits of the AutoScreen™ :

  • During a screen change, there is no interruption in the extrusion process- Continuous Uninterrupted Extrusion.
  • AutoScreens™ are 100% automatic – no operator requirements.
  • Screen changes can be initiated based on selected time, pressure, or pressure Δ – Set it and forget it.
  • Screen change by pressure Δ is a unique feature of AutoScreen™. You set the optimal pressure differential between the upstream and downstream sides of the AutoScreen™. Once set, this pressure Δ is always maintained. This feature allows you to select and maintain your die's inlet pressure "sweet spot." It remains stable even when you have variations in material bulk densities, such as when you are processing regrind, off-spec, or reprocessed materials.
  • AutoScreens are a one piece construction design with no hydraulics, pneumatics, or seals required – never a leak and almost zero maintenance, with an operation life of twenty years.
  • AutoScreens are compact and easy to install, with minimal extrusion line adjustments.
  • AutoScreens are cost effective to operate because there is no need to clean or replace breaker plates or screen packs.

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