Screen Change Cycle

Screen Change Cycle

control panel

AutoScreen™ Control Panel



 1) Cooling: Water is circulated through the AutoScreen's™ filter screen entry and exit locations. A solid polymer plug is formed along the filter screen's exit. Filter screen is embedded in the solid polymer plug.

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The polymer plug with the filter screen embedded

2) Heating: When a screen change is initiated, a high watt density cartridge heater--located where the filter screen exits the AutoScreen™-- warms up the surface of the polymer plug. This allows the polymer plug to advance, taking the filter screen with it.

3) Screen Advances: As the polymer plug slowly advances, it removes dirty filter screen from the AutoScreen's™ breaker plate while simultaneously fresh filter screen is pulled from the filter screen canister and fresh filter screen is added to the breaker plate.

4) The Polymer Plug Hardens: Once the screen advance cycle is complete, the exit screen heater turns off, the exit plug quickly cools, and the screen movement stops. Everything is ready for the next screen change.  Every once in a while, it will be necessary to remove the excess polymer plug with spent, dirty filter screen. A hack-saw or sawzall works fine.

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The polymer plug with spent, dirty screen