Extrusion Pressure Control (EPC)

AutoScreen's™ – Extrusion Pressure Control (EPC)
Brochure Extrusion Pressure Control

Maintaining a consistent, stable extrusion pressure is critical to many extrusion processes.

AutoScreen's™ EPC system maintains a stable, consistent extrusion pressure.

Using AutoScreen's™ PLC controller the desired pressure delta between the inlet and outlet sides of the AutoScreen™ is set. The EPC maintains the pressure delta automatically, regardless of changes in the polymer's bulk density or contaminate level. To keep the pressure delta constant, the PLC will automatically control the amount of fresh filter screen being introduced to the extruder's breaker plate. The melt pressure leaving the AutoScreen™ and being delivered to the die is always maintained. The result is a continuous, stable and uninterrupted extrusion process.

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