AutoScreen™ - A Brief History

The AutoScreen™ polymer filtration system (automatic screenchanger) was designed and patented in the early 1960s by Dr. Peter Kalman of Process Developments Ltd. It was engineered specifically as a device to provide plastic extrusion processors a way to change their screen pack without having to shut down their production lines.

Dr. Kalman's AutoScreen™ was beautifully engineered. The AutoScreen™ is simple and easy to install and operate. It performs screen changes with absolutely no interruption in the extrusion process. It has a production life of over twenty years.

Process Developments Ltd. manufactured AutoScreens™ at their London, England facility. Due to AutoScreens'™ industry wide acceptance, thousands have been sold around the world.

Process Developments passed on the manufacturing know-how and the AutoScreen™ trade name to Melt Filtration Products in 2008. Melt Filtration Products is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A., and continues to supply AutoScreens to the plastic extrusion and extrusion blow molding industries.

Melt Filtration Products has advanced the technology of automatic, uninterrupted polymer filtration with the introduction of the AutoScreen™ MAX (patent pending).