AutoScreen™ Extrusion Blow Molding

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Extrusion Blow Molding
image 1We have manufactured and sold this melt filtration system to extrusion blow molders around the world. We’ve added new technologies and refinements during our many years of experience in the field of melt filtration. AutoScreen™ is the first choice for the extrusion blow molding industry.


image 003Reduce material costs by filtering regrind materials continuously without any interruption in your process, with no operator requirements.
With no electric motors, hydraulics or
pneumatics – the only moving part in the AutoScreen is the screen itself – our screenchangers are compact for accommodating the crowded space around blow molding machinery.

  • Fully automatic, continuous and uninterrupted extrusion.
  • Leak-proof one piece construction with zero air introduced into the melt.
  • AutoScreens™ can provide melt pressure control so you can operate your dies at their optimum extrusion pressure.
  • image 2AutoScreens™ are energy efficient and operator and maintenance friendly:
    • No hydraulics or pneumatics
    • No moving parts except for the screen itself
    • No breaker plates or screen packs to clean or replace
    • The screw can be pulled without removing the AutoScreen™
    • There are no operator requirements during screen changes
  • Autoscreens™ are compact and simple to install.
image 005We provide a special high tensile filter band for our AutoScreen™ units. We offer filtration levels from 90 to 400 microns in sizes ranging from 11/4" (30mm) to 8" (200mm).

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